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First World community non-profit organization created with shared vision for Global prosperity through community building, sharing and caring thereby transforming job seekers into job givers creating successful entrepreneurs across the globe.

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First World Community

முதலுலக மூத்தகுடி

First World Community is a charitable non-profited organization created with lotted vision for Global prosperity through community building, sharing and caring thereby modifying job aspirants into job procuring people thereby creating successful magnates across the globe.

We focus our goals to raise the economic levels of global Indian Diaspora through dynamic platform that enable win-win situation among members to facilitate business growth and promote high-flyers.

First World Community triggered various sectors with the optimum goal of making yield for the entrepreneurs.

mission & vision

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Our mission & vision

Universal Growth Harmony Prosperity through a shared vision of global oneness

First World Community- a business networking ecosystem started with the motto of encouraging Entrepreneurship in India and uprising it to the Global Standard. FWC works together with entrepreneurs, Business Leaders and thought leaders while simultaneously creating a global community and environment they can thrive in.

Elite members have the opportunity to view and connect with a vast global network of entrepreneurs, investors and business professionals. We archive our vision for global prosperity by nurturing entrepreneurs, enhancing education, promoting trade, connecting business professionals of the world and supporting inclusive growth.

Our Vision is to create a better everyday life for many people. Nurturing a winning network of partners and building mutual loyalty. The purpose is to provide social cause and provide a public benefit

Dr. C.K. Ashok Kumar,

Our Founder

Dr. C.K. Ashok Kumar, Founder of First World Community. He is the president of Asia Pacific Vegan Union (APVU) and an active member in Indian Vetiver Network. As a Trustee and social activist- he won the National award for “best NGO”.

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Our Principles

Nurturing Entrepreneurship

First World Community Encourages creativity, and creativity enhances forward thinking. It's about

Facilitating Innovation

First World Community Helps to navigate the ambiguity with a clear plan and put your partners at ease by sharing both your logic and your intuitive reasoning

Transforming Business

First World Community The word ‘transformation’ gets thrown around a lot these days, but it can have different meanings for different individuals and companies.

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